Spypoint® FORCE-20 – Brown


Capture Hi-Res Photos and Videos…

The FORCE-20 trail cam from Spypoint will capture photos and videos during the day and at night, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s been entering your observation area.


Stunning Images with a 20MP Camera

As the name suggests, the Spypoint FORCE-20 features a 20 MP camera, providing crystal clear colour images by day that allow you to examine each and every detail. This camera features a 0.7 second trigger speed and will easily detect objects at distances of up to 21m (70ft), with a detection angle of 40°. The camera’s motion detector covers 3 zones, with 48 low-glow LEDs used to capture infrared images during night-time and darker periods when ambient lighting is poor, with an impressive flash range of up to 21m (70ft). These low-glow LED lights ensure excellent photo quality in darkness and remain invisible, so they do not startle wildlife.

Multiple Camera Modes

Multiple camera modes are available, including multi-shot mode, which takes up to 5 photos per detection, and time lapse mode, which allows the camera to take a photo once every set period of time (15s – 30m). These modes can be chosen in the setting section on the 1.5” LCD screen during setup. Images are stamped with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase to provide as much information as possible.

Photo Capture & Video Recording

As well as capturing stunning photos, the FORCE-20 also records 1280 x 720 (HD 720p) video, recording straight to the 16GB SD card that comes included. This camera can record videos between 10-60 seconds in length.

Photos and videos captured on the device will be stored on the SD card. Simply remove the SD card and connect to a desktop or laptop to download and watch back.

Reliable Power

Using 8x AA batteries (not included), the FORCE-20 can run effectively for extended periods before replacement batteries are needed. This, taking into account the number of times the camera is triggered, means that you could achieve months of cover from the same set of batteries. Alternative power sources are available as Spypoint accessories.


The Spypoint FORCE-20 is water resistant, maintaining observational control regardless of the weather, and working effectively at temperatures between -30 °C to 50 °C (-22 °F to 122 °F). Its brown detailing will allow the camera to blend into bark or wooden surfaces sufficiently, hiding it from wildlife and opportunist thieves.

Mountable Anywhere

Like all Spypoint cameras, the FORCE-20 uses versatile straps to facilitate robust mounting to trees, pillars, fencing, or any other similar outdoor structure, and standard 1/4″-20 tripod mounting capabilities offer even greater flexibility.



Detection Range Up to 21m (70ft)
Detection Angle 40°
Motion Detector Infrared sensor
Trigger Speed 0.7 s
Photo Resolution 20 MP
Video Resolution 1280x720p
Photo Format .jpg
Video Format AVI
Video Length Adjustable from 10 – 60 seconds
Time Lapse Mode 15 to 30 second intervals
Multishot Mode Up to 5 photos per detection
Capture Mode Colour by day, black and white by night
Delay Between Each Detection Adjustable from instant to 30 minutes
External Memory SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB)[not included]
Power Source(s) 8x AA batteries (not included) 12V battery (KIT-12V, BATT-12V) [not included]
Illumination Options 48 powerful LEDs
Night Light Range Up to 24m (80ft)
Dimensions 12.7×9.6×6.8 cm (H,W,D)
Operating Temperatures -30 to +50 °C



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