Spypoint® SB-500S Security Box – Grey


Cover Your Assets

The Spypoint SB-500S security box provides a steadfast security solution for your Spypoint FLEX-S solar powered wireless trail camera. Using 16-gauge zinc-coated steel, this security box has been specifically designed for this camera, providing the perfect fit and ultimate protection. So, with the SB-500S, you can rest easy knowing that your observations won’t be interrupted by opportunist thieves or curious wildlife.


The Spypoint SB-500S security box is designed to keep your FLEX-S wireless trail camera protected against prying hands and curious wildlife, allowing you to rest easy knowing your camera will send photos from the field with less risk of theft or damage.

Specifically designed for the Spypoint FLEX-S, this security box is made using solid and strong 16-gauge zinc-coated steel for the perfect fit and ultimate protection.

Equipped with holes for both padlocks and cable locks for even greater security, providing much more flexibility when it comes to safely and securely mounting your trail camera. Holes can also be found in the back of the security box, allowing you to screw directly into a tree or post for an extra level of security and peace of mind.

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