Tactacam Spotter LR


Long Range Observation

The Tactacam Spotter LR fits easily to almost any spotting scope thanks to multiple sizing shims and a quick snap adapter, allowing users to capture all of their favourite moments during wildlife observation.

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The Tactacam Spotter LR is the perfect device for those who wish to film at long range. Complete with multiple sizing shims and a quick snap adapter, this lightweight and compact 4K camera has been designed to fit easily on any spotting scope currently on the market, allowing the user to record high quality video of everything they observe through the device. A flip-up and rotating LCD screen will alleviate eye-strain, enabling the user to alter the viewing angle to match their position. This LCD screen is also perfect for sharing the screen, making it excellent for group viewing without having to share the eyepiece.

The Sporter LR uses long-lasting rechargeable/replaceable lithium-ion batteries, providing extended viewing opportunities whilst out in the field. And, because it is capable of accommodating a 128GB micro-SD card, users can achieve ample storage, meaning they will never have to worry about memory again.

Connecting the Tactacam to a smart device is easy through Wi-Fi and the dedicated Tactacam app, allowing users to download and share any videos captured on the device.


  • 4K camera
  • Optic & digital zoom
  • Adjustable LCD screen
  • Provided with multiple sizing shims
  • Connect to the Tactacam app via Wi-Fi


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